Client: MOTOR DEMO. PROJECT:MITSUBISHI ASX. You can appreciate in this MITSUBISHI ASX commercial, one of the advantages of the Skatecam™ technique: the smooth tracking of a subject (a car in this case). Mike Plonsky also filmed traditional steadycam shots along with the Skatecam™ ones for this commercial.


There is a difference between promoting a town or region with traditional shots than doing it with Skatecam™ ones.  Some of our clients such as the Spanish Soccer Federation, local city and region governments and cityhalls, have chosen these type of shots in their tourism videos to be able to enhance the beauty of a place, its streets and surroundings and its life. Do not miss some of the tourism videos we are talking about.

CLIENT: SPANISH SOCCER FEDERATION. PROJECT:PROMO VIDEO PRODUCED FOR THE SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE CANDIDACY TO HOST THE WORLD CUP. Spain and Portugal presented with this video their offer as hosting countries for the World Cup . All the shots where taken by Mike Plonsky. Enjoy it and enjoy the Iberian Peninsula.
CLIENT: CATILLA AND LEON GOVERNMENT. PROJECT: TOURISM VIDEO: CASTILLA AND LEÓN IS LIFE. One of the most beautiful Spanish regions’ tourism video.  A display of both outside and inside Skatecam™ shots (cathedrals, castels, museums,…)
CLIENT: SAN LORENZO DEL ESCORIAL CITY HALL. PROJECT: PROMO VIDEO: “San Lorenzo, a place to live”. Even though this video was entirely shot during the winter time, the shots chosen on the final cut are worth seeing.  San Lorenzo’s video serves its purpose as a promo video to emphasize the beauty of a small town, its people, its services, its traditions, its restaurants, its life. This municipality is gorgeous and unique, and so the video shows.
TELEVISION REPORT ON HOW THE CITY OF CEUTA USED THE SKATECAM™ TECHNIQUE FOR ITS INSTITUTIONAL VIDEO. The Skatecam™ technique makes you feel you are actually flying through the streets of a city and between its citizens. It shows the best of a town. A number of City Halls have hired our production services to get these unique movement shots. The actual production of this video turned out to be an event itself for the city of Ceuta. This short documentary tells you why.


There are some artists that have included Skatecam™ shots in their music videos: David Bisbal, Malú, Melendi, Nacho Cano, Cómplices and Pignoise, Rozalem, etc.

Client: SONY Music Entertainment España SL. Project:Malú’s Music Video, “A Esto le Llamas Amor”. This time Mike Plonsky did not shoot on one of his skateboards, but on ice skates instead. The outcome was also great.