SkatecamTM is a shooting service with no precedents, that thanks to the smoothness of a steadycam and the total mastering of a Skateboard, sequential shots are achieved, very costly to obtain with any other tecnique.

We want to offer this opportunity to those production companies who want to get these special shots that can highlight a production. Those recordings that can be complex to obtain with any other technique, are quickly achieved with SkatecamTM , saving time and avoiding unnecessary costs.


Speed in Tight Spots

SkatecamTM makes possible motion and dolly shots in confined spaces, regardless of their length.  There are many possible applications to this technique like shooting on streets through traffic, or on sidewalks by pedestrians to other places where other techniques are not possible … (read more)

Full 360º Freedom

SkatecamTM allows uninterrupted turns around subjects, whether these are planned (such as the arrival of artists at the” Top 40 Awards” in Madrid) or spontaneous. We have carried out such shots for all types of productions, … (read more)

Efecto Grúa Móvil

Mobile Jib Effect

One of the most frequent comments I get from my clients is that it’s like shooting with a helicopter but ground level. In a same shot I can go from 20 inches low (50 cm) up to 7.2 Ft high (2,2 meters). And all this at 20 MPH (35km/h), … (read more)

Buildings, Monuments & Structures:  The softness and beauty of motion SkatecamTM recording, can achieve spectacular shots of buildings, monuments and architectural structures. Those architects, public and private institutions or corporations who desire to promote their spaces can hire this service for outstanding virtual tours.

Ask for a Budget
Spanish TV interviews Mike Plonsky about SkatecamTM.  There are many advantages to this technique.  SkatecamTM allows to spontaneously get takes that would normally require to close up a street or hire actors, and get beautiful motion shots without having any space restrictions (don’t miss this video if you speak Spanish!). We put this technique at your creativity’s service. Call us to explore the possibilities of SkatecamTM in your next production:

34 600 016 380.


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